Bare root and potted fruit trees

Bare root and potted fruit trees

I have bare root and and potted fruit trees left over from selling at some plant events this winter. Some I have only one of, others I have 10+. Varieties and prices below.

Bare root:

Golden Delicious Apple $25

Royal Blenheim Apricot   $18

Lapins Cherry   $20

Benton Cherry  $20

Fantasia Nectarine   $20

Crimson Sweet Grape   $9

Bartlett Pear   $20

Hosui Asian Pear   $18

Fairtime Peach   $18

Giant Babcock Peach   $20

Lang Jujube   $37

In tree pots:

All In One Almond  $25

Navajo Thornless Blackberry   $12

Mission Olive   $25

Manzanilla Olive $25

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