Biodynamic Apiculture in the Anthropocene

Biodynamic Apiculture in the Anthropocene

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The Anthropocene and the accelerating extinction of life on earth are a wake-up call for a fundamental shift of being on earth.  It is also an opportunity for innovative initiatives in the apicultural world and for the creation of ‘symbiotic narratives’ that not only place the very basic needs of honeybees at the center of our concern but also bring to light the bio-dynamic plasticity and life-giving gestures of honeybees as a keystone species and cultural innovator.  In this context, the vision of rewilding of honeybees leads to the rehabilitation of natural and complex biotic systems and also re-calibrates our capacities of perception and cultural identity as human beings.  Michael will share current rewilding projects and introduce the vision of LocApiary as a multidisciplinary approach to apiculture and apian health.

Come join us to learn and explore innovative beekeeping strategies and experience the arboreal, bee-centric landscape-apiary at the Green Gulch Farm Honeybee Sanctuary.  Open for all levels of beekeeping and bee lovers.

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