Call for COMPOST HOSTS & Gardeners

Call for COMPOST HOSTS & Gardeners

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At ReSoil we use the discarded fruits & vegetables from Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento and teach people how to build and maintain a hot compost pile, or sheet mulch an area for optimum microorganism diversity (a healthy organic soil environment for growing healthy food!).

So what is a Compost Host?

A “Compost Host” is anyone with a garden in Sacramento that wants to learn about composting and see, hands-on how it works from start to finish.

We put the power of sustainability in your hands, while guiding you through your garden project, and help with decisions in what form of organic matter (hot compost or sheet mulching) you need for your garden vision. We want to make sure you get the most out of the experience through maintenance practices and observation. We will give you a one-page Compost Guide to hang on the fridge that breaks down the simple balance that makes compost.

We ask for a suggested donation of $35-$50 per delivery (drop, as we call it) of food scraps in our recognizable Organics Bins, and this donation includes labor on the first compost build, and subsequent guidance whenever needed.

We will do multiple drops for one donation; We want to keep things rolling for the team, and Take Action in diverting food waste from the landfill!

About 1000 lbs of raw Fruits & Veges become approximately 250 lbs of compost, and you’ll get to Take Action in our local waste diversion program in your own backyard.

We have diverted over 600,000 lbs of food waste from the landfill so far with the help of our Compost Hosts! So, Come join the Cause!

FB & Instagram: @resoilsac.gras


Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento (GRAS) is a local Non-Profit Organization, and ReSoil is a spin off program focused on serving the urban farming community one garden plot at a time.



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