Harvest Sacramento: Support Your Neighborhood Gleaning Group!

Harvest Sacramento: Support Your Neighborhood Gleaning Group!

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Harvest Sacramento, the edible city initiative of Soil Born Farms, is a collaborative effort of local residents, non-profit organizations, community groups and businesses that harvest surplus fruit and vegetables from homes and donate the rescued food to help feed their community.

We we train and support a growing network of resident led, neighborhood focused harvest groups in order to recover ever more of the fresh fruit which is available year round in Sacramento area neighborhoods and get it to those in need. These groups are working hard to improve food access and community resilience in their neighborhoods and are always looking for more volunteers to help them find new trees, organize the harvests and pick the fruit!

Check out the list of active neighborhoods below,  join their Facebook group (linked through the neighborhood name), and contact your local coordinator to offer them your volunteer support!

Apricots, plums and pluots are up next on the year round harvest calendar!

Neighborhood Harvest Groups

Harvest Arcade: Ashley Hammock, HarvestArcade@gmail.com, (916) 800-8080

Harvest College Greens/La Riviera: Kristin Goree, HarvestCollegeGreens@gmail.com, (916) 668-9964

Harvest East Sacramento: Nanci Kuzins, nkuzins@hotmail.com, (916) 455-9259

Harvest Hollywood Park: Christina Maradik-Symkowick, HarvestHollywoodPark@gmail.com, (916) 524-2754

Harvest Land Park: Patricia Sturdevant, HarvestLandPark@gmail.com

Harvest Meadowview: Amaya Weiss, amaya-weiss@scusd.edu

Harvest Midtown: Stephen Smoker & Cameron Preston, HarvestMidtownSac@gmail.com

Harvest North Oak Park: Mitch Davis, HarvestNorthOakPark@gmail.com, (707) 536-5933

Harvest North Sacramento: Kathy Anuszczyk, kathy.sunflower@gmail.com, (916) 747-4398

Harvest Rancho Cordova: Autumn Eberhardt & Karl Hass, HarvestRanchoCordova@gmail.com (210) 781-7544

Harvest Rosemont: Eileen Reeder & Scott Anderson, HarvestRosemont@gmail.com

Harvest South Oak Park: Chanowk Yisrael, HarvestSouthOakPark@gmail.com

Coming soon … Harvest Carmichael, Harvest Elk Grove, Harvest Sac State and maybe your neighborhood!

For more information contact Edible City Coordinator, Dominic Allamano, at dallamano[at]soilborn.org or (916) 363-9685.

Trees can be submitted for gleaning via the Soil Born Farms website.

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Harvest Sacramento is the edible city initiative of Soil Born Farms – www.soilborn.org

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