Healing Herbs from A-Z: Chillin Chives

Healing Herbs from A-Z: Chillin Chives

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A great intro class for anyone wanting to learn about the amazing herb, Chives. We will learn about:
– The basics of chives, cultural use, and history
– How to identify chives, growing conditions
– Hands-on demo on how to use chives for culinary and medicinal use
– How to grow and propagate
– The safety and cautions of using chives

Our class instructor is Maria Schiffler, herbalist and CEO/Founder of Sapphire Herbal Boutique (homegrown herbs and organic body care products). As Co-Project Leader for the Herb Garden at the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center she helps grow over 50 annual and perennial herbs, grows over twenty types of herbs in her small courtyard garden,and uses many of them in her handcrafted body care products. She fell in love with herbs because of their scent and the many ways they can be used daily for natural healing.

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