Healthy Young Egg Layer Flock of 200 Chickens

Healthy Young Egg Layer Flock of 200 Chickens

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Available: Flock of egg layers /chickens for sale.

Approximately 200 + chickens ; currently laying enough eggs to fill a 5 gallon bucket, each day.

Majority of the flock is 1 year old.


Asking $1500 for entire flock; willing to consider best offer.

Would like to move by THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, MAY 21st.

Can pick up from property for free or have delivered to your farm for small transportation fee (gas & time).


*Chickens came from non-GMO parents, and consistently ate 100% registered organic, non-soy diet (feed).



Chicken coop pictured is available for SALE or LEASE

Asking 8000 for custom chicken coop; durable all seasons & climates. Custom made; welded frame with extendable side doors and front ramp.

Firm on purchase.

Chicken coop can also be leased for $120 a month.


**PERK: If you are looking to start or expand your own egg operation, and need business, we will purchase eggs back from you at $5 a dozen.

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