Honeybee Consultant

Honeybee Consultant

Spring is around the corner and that means the bees will be buzzing! Need help with your backyard hives? We can partner you with a professional beekeeper that can mentor you throughout the season in caring for your hives to increase their chances of survival, especially overwinter. Overwinter success starts with good management practices in the spring!  If you are expecting your first beehive(s) or are frustrated with not being able to apply classroom knowledge to your specific hives’ needs, try partnering with one of our mentors to help increase you and your bees chances of success. Beekeeping is challenging and can be expensive, let us help you! We love helping beekeepers of all experience levels and can help with a wide range of tasks such as helping to install your first package of bees to helping manage for pests and diseases. Competitive hourly rate!

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions, buzz@sustainabee.com or at (888) 296-BEES. 

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