Honor the Persimmon! Let’s Save & Share Them This Season

Honor the Persimmon! Let’s Save & Share Them This Season

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Let’s save and share the persimmons this season! Each year 1000’s of persimmon trees ripen each. A tremendous amount of this precious, premium fruit (multiple varieties) never gets shared or eaten. What a waste! But on the flipside a SWEET opportunity to eat, to learn and to get neighborly with each other!

INSPIRED REQUEST: This year lettuce all hop on the persimmon sharing train and make the most of this valuable fruit

  • Are You Craving Persimmons? If you want persimmons simply message us below and you’ll get on the persimmon list. Or you can make a public wanted alert on CropMobster letting folks know that you are on the hunt for persimmons. Please be specific as to quantity, variety and any other need you have.
  • Got Persimmons to Share? If you have persimmons growing on your property and going unused you can make a free, gleaning, trade or even sale alert on CropMobster.

Here is a great list of resources on persimmons including how they grow, varieties, recipes and more. Enjoy!

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