Kult Kress Argus Hoe Finger Weeder

Kult Kress Argus Hoe Finger Weeder

Kult Kress Argus Hoe Finger Weeder: purchased for $13,500, this  implement was used for two seasons. Selling for $9,900, it still feels  very new and has lots of life left in it. It is set up for three rows on  a 60 inch bed, can be adjusted to fit other bed widths and row  spacings. Comes with three sets of fingers that weed in between plants  (in row), side knives/sweeps to weed the entire top of bed and furrows,  drip tape lifters, and rear seat with steering capability. This  implement revolutionized our farming operation! Happy to answer  questions.

We are no longer farming and selling our equipment.

For more info on finger weeders, check out https://www.kult-kress.com/ or youtube finger weeders.

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