Please Help Burbank Urban Garden Raise $2300 to Overcome Recent Thefts & Vandalism

Please Help Burbank Urban Garden Raise $2300 to Overcome Recent Thefts & Vandalism

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The Burbank Urban Garden needs your help, and we need it as quickly as possible. This school year has been incredible.  The garden has never looked better. We have never engaged so many excited students.  We have never raised more money. We have never grown so efficiently.

We have never attracted so much attention.  The attention has been overwhelmingly positive.

However, we have also recently attracted vandals and thieves.

In the past month, theft and vandalism has occurred, and is rapidly increasing.  A roto-tiller, large potted fruit trees, young fruit trees from the ground, pepper plants, soil supplements, garden tools, a garden cart, and irrigation materials have been stolen.  Our greenhouse was broken into, and plastic paneling was damaged.  There have been repeated attempts to break into our barn which holds all of our tools, including many which are very expensive.

A police report has been filed, and we are increasing security measure by replacing locks and adjusting gates to secure and protect the garden to help prevent this from happening in the future.

We need to send a message to our community that this is just a bump in the road.  We will not be stopped. We have too big and supportive a community to let this distract us from our growth.

We need to raise $2300 dollars to replace the stolen items and pay for repairs. With your timely response, we can make this set back almost insignificant.

Contribute Here on GoFundMe >>


If you would rather pay us directly, we can take cash or checks written out to LBHS.  Put BUG in the memo.  You can mail or drop off the checks at…

Luther Burbank High School
The Burbank Urban Garden
3500 Florin Road
Sacramento, CA 95823

Time is of the essence, we would like to get at least $1000 dollars by June 12th, and so we can replace our most urgent losses by June 15th before school gets out and Summer program begins.

You can learn more about our program if you…Like us on Facebook!

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