ReGrained: Equity Crowdfunding

ReGrained: Equity Crowdfunding

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Hello CrobMobsters,

ReGrained is stoked to announce that we just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. This an opportunity for our community to own our mission and success. We structured the deal so that it is accessible to all who believe in what we are building–the minimum investment is just $100.


If you are unfamiliar, ReGrained rescues brewer’s malt byproduct from the waste stream and applies a proprietary technology to “upcycle” the grain. With it, we create a nutritious flour that we craft into delicious products–simultaneously reducing waste and feeding people. We have launched their own line of products, but the real model is to work with strategic partners like Barilla, Griffith Foods, Givaudan and others to bring our signature ingredient to market with an “Intel-inside” like model. Among other accolades, we were named Forbes 30 Under 30 this year.

The campaign is going well! We have raised over $3o0k, and still have more than half of the time left on the offering. I wanted to share this opportunity with the CrobMobster community.

You can learn more about the raise and our business model here:

Perhaps this is a fit for you to invest personally, perhaps you’ll want to forward to someone else, or maybe you have some other way you see yourself supporting  our venture. I’ll leave that up to you!

Thank you for considering,



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