Rewilding Honeybees – Arboreal Apiculture

Rewilding Honeybees – Arboreal Apiculture

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This workshop is an introduction to the apian paradigm of rewilding honeybees and strategies of conservation and renewal. It will provide tools for design and implementation of rewilded apiaries.

We will study their life gesture and learn about the biodynamic plasticity and adaptability of honeybees as a super-organism. Other topics will include information about natural nest qualities, log hive designs and bee-centric management strategies. We will explore various aspects of an integrated and holistic approach to bee health and preservation, and introduce an approach which combines ‘indigenous’ and entomological resources.

This workshop is for anyone concerned for the health and survival of honeybees, backyard beekeepers, conservationists, land stewards, public and private landowners, and those interested in rewilding honeybees

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