GOT!: Garden or Farm for Tour Sat April 22nd!

GOT!: Garden or Farm for Tour Sat April 22nd!

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4/21:  Success! The girls will be visiting the Cannery Farm in Davis tomorrow morning, thanks to Mr. Nicodemus Ford there. Big thanks also to others who reached out – Deno at the Natomas Farm and Kevin Mallett Backyard Basic Gardens! And of course thanks to CropMobster – amazing – wouldn’t have happened without you.


4/19:  About 20 young girls from a wonderful program in Oak Park had a farm tour set up for this Saturday, April 22, 10:00 AM. All the arrangements are in place and the girls are all excited, except now that farm cannot do it.  So they are looking for an alternative garden or farm site to tour in Sac/West Sac area, same date/time.  Just a tour, don’t need any hands-on activities or anything like that.  Can even be a self-guided tour if that’s what you can offer.

Contact Kandice Kelly, Director, Girls Self-Esteem Program (G-SEP) 916-678-0079.

Thanks so much!

Paul Trudeau

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