Ton or Two of Navajo-Churro Wool – Clean, Coarse Wool

Ton or Two of Navajo-Churro Wool – Clean, Coarse Wool

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We started shearing this week and will have a ton or two (literally) of Navajo-Churro wool available FREE to folks who want to use it for projects like….felting, spinning or batting. Or even more industrial projects like building insulation, weed barriers or moisture control fill.

Navajo-Churro sheep have coarse wool in a variety of colors.  Our flock includes white, black, gray, silver, mesa/red, and brown sheep.

There are quite a few beautiful, clean, high sheen fleeces in lovely colors in this offer.  Most of the fleeces are of adults but there will also be some lamb fleeces.  You are welcome to pick through the pile and take only the fleeces you want – but please don’t ask me to hold any colors for you.  It is all first come first serve.  You are welcome to take just a few fleeces or take it all!

Hoping to have all the wool gone by the time it starts raining in earnest.  We don’t have enough barn space to store it all.

Located in the Capay Valley in Yolo County.

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