Youth Education Assistant

Youth Education Assistant

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Soil Born Farms is hiring for a youth education assistant. Please send your resume to Shannon Hardwicke at [email protected] The description can be found below:

Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project

Job Title
: Youth Education Assistant

Classification: Non-exempt

Program: Youth Education – Growing Together & the American River Ranch

Reports To: Youth Education Manager

Job Summary
The primary responsibilities of Soil Born Farms Youth Education Assistant is to assist in teaching youth about sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, nutrition, life sciences and health through school gardens and our primary Soil Born Farms American River Ranch site. Responsibilities will include assisting in 3-4 hour field trips and summer day camps, leading classes through school gardens, working with various educators, supporting interns, working collaboratively with the youth education team and using creativity to develop dynamic educational experiences. This job requires an ability to be flexible, creative, self-directed and a willingness to continuing learning new things. A knowledge of organic gardening practices, seasonal planting schedules, and experience with elementary school educational practices are very helpful but not required for this position.

Key Responsibilities Detail
• Teach sustainable agriculture training sessions for youth at the farm or in a school garden
• Lead nutrition education activities utilizing produce from the garden and/or farm
• Co-create supporting educational documents and materials
• Prepare for and help deliver session content for a wide age range (pre kindergarten – high school) and exposure level of students
• Collaborate on departmental short and long-term planning
• Development of long-term systems for efficient and effective farm/garden management (planting schedules, production goals, cultivation, irrigation, materials ordering, maintenance, etc)
• Work with teachers, administrators, interns and volunteers
• Manage and engage students with various needs
• Support the collection of data for the needs of grants and funders
• Assist with maintenance of youth education spaces including vegetable gardens, native plant gardens, compost areas and chickens

Experience Required
• Teaching skills, communication skills, time management, prioritizing and delegating. Teaching credential or teacher training preferred
• Leadership experience in a farm/garden using organic methods
• Knowledge of irrigation systems, composting techniques, pest control and weed control
• Understanding of non-profit work.
• Demonstrated ability to navigate local nature trails with large groups of people while effectively communicating natural history of the area
• Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds in various situations
• Demonstrated ability to use Windows, Mac OS and Microsoft Office, Google calendars and file sharing
• Co-coordinate volunteer and intern scheduling and crew supervision
• Ability to work with kitchen staff in assuring that produce is available and prepared for programs
• Ability to communicate effectively and positively with staff, community, and guests
• Demonstrated ability to safely lead and participate in physically demanding work on uneven terrain
• Creatively think “on your feet” and “out of the box”
• Ability to develop relationships with outside organizations, school partners, local businesses, volunteers groups and so on. Collaboration is key to our success.
• Have a valid CA drivers license and we willing to travel to various school sites.

Hours and Compensation
This position is starting off at 30 hours per week with the potential of increasing to 40 hours. Will occasionally require working evenings or weekends. Hourly wage based on experience.

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