Our Mission

Guided by the Sacramento Region Food System Action Plan, the mission of CropMobster Sacramento is to empower and grow our local food system. We are providing an accessible networking and impact platform that helps us band together crowd source solutions to economic, environmental and social challenges. The focus is to prevent waste, boost the local food economy, support environmental health and provide support to our local hunger relief organizations. Any individual, organization or business can post a alert and get help spreading the word on food and agriculture sales, donations, gleanings, trades, freebies, events and more!

CropMobster Sacramento is a partnership between Valley Vision and CropMobster, who are working with many other leaders and stakeholders to bring this platform to Sacramento County. Founding sponsors for CropMobster Sacramento include the WalMart Foundation and Bank of America. Additionally, a 1-year pilot in the City of Elk Grove was instrumental in bringing this vision to life. We extend our deepest appreciation to these leaders and thank them their visionary financial contributions.

Learn more about how CropMobster Sacramento works and how you can get involved to help yourself and help others, making a better Sacramento County one alert at a time!

Then sign up today and get started. Our locally-based moderators at Valley Vision are here to support you!

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