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CropMobster Sacramento is hosted and locally facilitated via a partnership between Valley Vision and CropMobster.

Valley Vision

Valley Vision LogoWe are a regional leadership organization. We were formed over 20-years ago with a simple purpose to improve people’s lives. We aren’t afraid of risking failure on the path to success. We dream big. And act bigger. To transform our communities.  To do something that matters.

We do three things exceptionally well. The first is the ability to deliver independent, unbiased, trusted research and factual reports to inform decision-making. The second is our unique ability to design and drive multi-stakeholder initiatives led by people in business, government, education and community organizations that overcome complex problems that no single group can tackle alone. Problems like access to healthcare, healthy food, or the Internet…or cleaning the air, increasing local water supplies, or reducing our carbon footprint…or helping business and government leaders build the next economy we all want. The third is access to a set of powerful leadership networks that starts with our own 30-member VIP board and expands out to encompass over 6,000 leaders across California with whom we work.

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CropMobster General LogoCropMobster provides community food network technology as well as training and advisory services to leading community organizations like Valley Vision. The first CropMobster community started in March 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  CropMobster’s mission is to empower local food systems by fostering greater sharing and connectivity around issues that include local food system economic development, waste prevention and food insecurity. Our aspiration is to be a trusted, long-term partner to communities with the knowledge, training and gear to ignite crowdsourcing, sharing and impact. We strive to help our partners stimulate transformative value through community engagement and keep that value in the local economy and food system.


CropMobster Sacramento is proudly sponsored by outstanding community leaders and institutions.

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CropMobster Community

You are the most important member of the team! By posting and sharing CropMobster alerts and participating in other ways you are helping build a lasting and useful hub for the Sacramento County community and food system. Thank you and remember that our locally-based food system moderators are here to serve!